«Here, Jason Kahn, Gunter Muller, and Norbert Moslang spin thick webs of harmonic expansions and inversions, creating a new atonal center within the music, which serves as a foil for percolating drones and highly microscopic events. It all ends with a certain sharpness, a biting, intense quality which rounds this series out as a dense, impossibly detailed and multiply erupting thicket of sound.»
M.Schaefer, e/i

«…this set congently argues for the ongoing relevance of this kind of improvising. While immediately familiar, it's endlessly listenable, and its slow pace doesn't mean minimal development. Rather, these players revel in the considered play of micro-gestures.»
J.Dale, The Wire

«…this is a keeper - and fans of Voice Crack will love it even more.»
M.Ricci, Touching Extremes

«It's quite a surprise to see on Volume Five Kahn, Möslang and Müller with a guest who you wouldn't normally see in the world of improvisation: Akifumi Nakajima, or man of Aube, and someone who we don't see in Vital Weekly that often these days. He lives in Kyoto and the swiss trio stopped by there to record with Aube. This too might be considered a surprise. The careful, but predictable Aube built up of a piece is not present in these four pieces, but also the trio do things that they normally don't do. Multi-layered pieces of rather condensed noise. Things roll about in quite a heavy manner, a bit like the second piece on the previous disc, but altogether in a more electronic setting. Lots of things happening on all levels of the music, so it takes some time before everything has enrolled before your ears. Once it does, you know beautiful noise can be made, easy and simple (but perhaps not as simple).»
F.deWaard, Vital

«This is an excellent co-operation project, which makes one looking forward to vol. 2.»
P.Bijisma, Phosphor Magazine

«…a growing sense of some evolutionary logic that builds a society of sound with internal rules so clearly drawn and communication so easy that it's hard to hear this as a one-off encounter.»
B.Morton, Wire

«Listeners who have enjoyed previous offerings in this vein will find much to appreciate here as well.»
B.Olewnick, Bagatellen

«…it's Möslang, Müller and Kahn who during their spring 2006 tour in Japan recorded a session with Keiichiro Shibuya and Maria, both founders of the Atak label, at Tokyo University. …All five plays electronics in whatever form (synthesizer, laptop, cracked everyday electronics, keyboard) and despite the fullness of such a line up they come up with something that is at times sparse…, but also can be a thick thunderous cloud of sound, such as in the final piece. All is quite coherent, and there were times were I didn't had the impression of listening to a concert of improvised music, but rather a well-composed piece. … hats off.»
F.deWaard, Vital